Say goodbye to frizzy locks! We offer the revolutionary keratin treatment to bring life back into your hair, making it smoother and more manageable.

Keratin Therapy
from $350

Keratin Therapy

Salon E gives you advanced keratin hair care treatments for prolonged beauty. We’ll also make sure you know the right way to keep those frizzy strands at bay. Our A-list hair styling team will provide you with maintenance advice and care tips to prolong the beauty of your precious locks.

Keratin therapy is a revolutionary conditioning service that results in silky, frizz-free, and easy-to-style hair.
Who is the ideal candidate for this service?

We recommend a keratin hair treatment to those who have dry and frizzy locks. The treatment straightens and makes the hair smooth to the touch while preventing breakage. This eliminates the need for constant blow-drying and flat iron straightening.

What should you do prior to the hair treatment?

We advise customers to consult one of our senior stylists prior to their keratin therapy. During the session, our stylist will walk you through the process and provide additional aftercare tips.

That shiny, straight hair is just a salon trip away! Visit Salon E today and find out how our stylists can rejuvenate those frizzy locks for a more beautiful you!